Saturday, February 11, 2012

Key to My Heart

When you think of Valentines Day , what do you think of ? Hearts, candy, flowers, cupcakes ?
I was having a hard time this years theme. So this required a little inspiration. At my local Hobby Lobby , I saw these cute little heart containers, with a key hole, and key. Thats it! Ding! Light went on! Perfect ! I had my theme.... so I came home and designed the rest. Starting with white mesh as a base, I added heart garland. The sign above the door with its glittered letters says " Key To My Heart". I added the cute little containers that have roses in them. After all flowers at are always a good fit at Valentines. Then I added glittered hearts and keys, red curly ribbon, and large garland hearts at the end. Then instead of a wreath, I put a large glittered heart with a red and black ribbon. For the rest of the porch , I brought one of black wrought iron table from my back deck and covered it with a red table cloth. Red, pink, white and black hearts float up from the table. A red vase containing pink and white roses with glittered heart picks, and pearls coming out of the vase. A heart shaped plate, glass,and napkin on the table to give an element of romance . It's all ready for Valentines.
close look at my door:
Closer of heart containers and heart:
Someone in my neighborhood like it so well, they put a note in mailbox, telling me how gorgeous this was. I was suprised and happy someone took the time to say something! Thank you who ever you were! I do wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! I will be back right after V-day to show you my Mardi Gras decor... until then...


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