Friday, April 6, 2012

Floppsy, Moppsy & Cottontail...

As you may know the tail of Peter Rabbit, who has three sisters, Floppsy, Moppsy & Cottontail. They are each decked out with ribbons and flowers in their hair giving them each their own personal color.The girls are up under my Easter Egg tree, which sits on the formal table in the sun room. I took a large white pitcher and filled with lovely spring branches, then hung colored eggs, spelling out the word Easter. It sits on a green and pink table runner over a white tablecloth. Very simple and yet pretty and festive.
The bar that wraps around my kitchen area has been styled to match this, with two more arrangements done in white pitchers and bunnies, but adding egg cups with eggs and the plate that inspired the mantle.
My table for two is set with Peter sitting in the brambles surrounded by carrots( handmade)as my centerpiece, whic sits on a white tablecloth. I decided not to use placemats , and opted for a bue table runner. I chose a bamboo charger to mimic a basket feel, the placed my light blue plates, then a square white salad plate, then my purple antique dessert plates, along with small Peter Rabbit, plates to be used as a bread plate. Crystal and purple stemware and silver flatware complete the look. White napkins folded between the charger and dinner plate, give it a diffrent look. I scattered small clay carrots that I made as an accent, to give the table some more Easter fun.
Looking across table:
Closer of plates:

Moving on to the entry table I made a bunny nest. A cute little white bunny sitting, with eggs surrounding him:
I hope you enjoyed my Easter Decor, and wish you & your family many blessings for a fun filled safe Easter. Until next time enjoy!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Peter Rabbit Inspired Mantle

Hello all, it's getting closer to Easter, and I still have a lot to post. I always have a theme for each holiday. Whether it be a idea from something I have seen or read, or have bought. This is the plate that inspired my mantle and theme this year.
So with this in mind , I designed my mantle. I started with a white pickett fence,then added my brown bunny (my version of Peter Rabbit), then put on one side a set of kids toy shovel and rake. These were covered and painted to make them look more realistic. Then a crate full of handmade vegies, carrots, cabbage and radishes. On the other side a watering can, another crate with seed packs, handtools, garden gloves, and more veggies. Then some greenery to add more interest, and the McGregor Farm Sign.
Now a closer look : The rake and shovel
The crate on left:
The other side:

Now the coffe table in my living room has a cute little Peter and a wheel barrow.:

And the side table:
The fence and all vegies were handmade.I'll be back on Wednesday to show you some more and last of this years Easter Decor.

Until then: