Friday, October 19, 2012

Three Sister Witches


Hello My Pretties! ..It is the Bewitching Time of Season! ... Time for us ghouls to bring out the cauldrons and brooms and getting busy making our home a little spooky! The witch theme is hot this year, everyone I know is doing witch wreaths, with hats and boots. As for me I love witches! In fact I have a picture of three witches named, Trixie, Dixie and Peach. I imagine they are sisters or really good friends, who brew up some mischievous fun!  That is the basis of my theme. I started with outside, as I am kind of running behind this year. My door starts with my black garland, adding mesh in black and orange stripe, the purple 6 inch mesh ribbon is next , then a 2 inch black mesh with metallic orange, purple and green stripe. I added lime green flex tubing, along with gold curly q's picks. On one side I added a witch hat and broom , the other a bubbling light up cauldron ( one of three I made), complete with steam and a skeleton boiling away!  Adding signs, bubbles, spell books, and potion bottles that have the three witches sister own labels on them are also put on. The wreath is a highly glittered  gold twig wreath, that has a big two ribbon bow with a Happy Halloween sign in orange.

                                                         Closer of wreath:

On one side of my porch I set three brooms which I  made last year next to a chair, then I threw a witch cape over it with a hat on the back. In the seat I set a pair of vintage Victorian boots with a little sign about Halloween. Next to the chair is a monster in a box, all chained up so he can't escape. Above him is a sign that states this is a witch house.

On the other side is a large spooky tree , with signs of the three sisters names and two cute bats . Under the tree is another monster in a box, also chained up , sitting next to it is a lantern and a Cinderella pumpkin. 

And a over all view:

There is more outside that I will share . So whether your a good witch or a bad witch...


Note: all signs, tree, cauldrons, decor on garland were handmade by me.

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