Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Birthday Decor.

I wanted to show you all my Ca..Cute table decor for my formal dining table...layer one cream table cloth, pink sparkle fabric, 3 cupcake boxes, two glass cupcake holders with faux cupcakes, spread a little ribbon curls, one hat stand with birthday hat and pink boa..and there you have onto the breakfast bar area, two white topiarys, 2 plates with birthday cakes, one cermanic cake on a yellow polka dot stand....The entry way table has a doll all dressed up fpr a party, one frame with birthday subway art, one vase with pink bulbs and ribbon curls all sat on top of pink lace. Another table has flowers, and a round fframe that has a birthday message,
antique pearls and lace gloves. I think Birthday is spread thru out the place rather well....LOL...

Happy Birthday To Me......Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birthday Theme For Me

After Mother's Day decor has been all packed away for another year, I dug out the birthday decor. Yes it's that time of year for another birthday, mine this time. So out came all the pretties for me. Although some of this is from my Hubbs birthday back in January, I added a few different things for mine. The table is set for two with matching pink placemats and napkins, with soft turquoise plates,and polka dot cake plates, that have cute patry hats on them and two crystal glasses. I put Mother's Day flowers on as my centerpiece because they are still so pretty.Now onto the mantle, I left the pink tulle over my mirror from Mother's Day and added the jars with cream and beige shavings in them. Birthday subway art in two frames, have I told you all how much I love subway art....NO ???...well I do! Kind of hooked on it...yep crazy I know, but can't help it. I added an ice cream bowl and small polka dotted plate with a present on it. In the center is a bigger plate with a birthday cake, all set on a pink and silver threaded fabric. I will post more tomorrow, and will give you all a hint (cupcakes). See you all then.....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day !!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day! May you all be blessed to be loved today and enjoying the things you love to do. I wanted to take time out to show you my lovely flowers, both from my Hubbs and my youngest son. Also my center piece on my formal table that now has both sets of flowers on either end.
And also show my flower pillow I made for just $2.32, yep made two for that price , love it....reminds me of a

.Enjoy your day Ladies !!!