Saturday, February 11, 2012

Key to My Heart

When you think of Valentines Day , what do you think of ? Hearts, candy, flowers, cupcakes ?
I was having a hard time this years theme. So this required a little inspiration. At my local Hobby Lobby , I saw these cute little heart containers, with a key hole, and key. Thats it! Ding! Light went on! Perfect ! I had my theme.... so I came home and designed the rest. Starting with white mesh as a base, I added heart garland. The sign above the door with its glittered letters says " Key To My Heart". I added the cute little containers that have roses in them. After all flowers at are always a good fit at Valentines. Then I added glittered hearts and keys, red curly ribbon, and large garland hearts at the end. Then instead of a wreath, I put a large glittered heart with a red and black ribbon. For the rest of the porch , I brought one of black wrought iron table from my back deck and covered it with a red table cloth. Red, pink, white and black hearts float up from the table. A red vase containing pink and white roses with glittered heart picks, and pearls coming out of the vase. A heart shaped plate, glass,and napkin on the table to give an element of romance . It's all ready for Valentines.
close look at my door:
Closer of heart containers and heart:
Someone in my neighborhood like it so well, they put a note in mailbox, telling me how gorgeous this was. I was suprised and happy someone took the time to say something! Thank you who ever you were! I do wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! I will be back right after V-day to show you my Mardi Gras decor... until then...


Monday, February 6, 2012

Love Is The Key

I have been working on my Valentines Decor. As always I start with a theme, and this years is called Love is the Key. After all Valentines day is all about love.... your husband,your kids, your family, girlfriends, etc. I know we don't need an excuse to show someone you love them, but being it's here I figure why not make it special?? So starting with the mantle, I made my picture above it with an old frame , covered the back with white fabric, added black ribbon and hand cut the letters and glittered them red and pinned them to it.Then I added the two hearts locks with keys on the side. Below is my garland that has bigger black and pink glittered keys, black and red ribbon,glittered hearts in black, pink, red and white, with smaller heart keys. I also added two bigger hearts and some curling ribbon. All the keys and hearts were hand cut and glittered.
Closer of Mantle:

This year I decided instead of setting only the table in the kitchen, I would set the formal dinning room also. The one in the kitchen for everyday leading up to Valentines, then serve the special dinner on the bigger table. Nothing says love like the color red so the tablecloth was picked. On black placemats, I put glittered pink chargers, black plates, white salad plates and an assortment of hearts. Along with handpainted pink and red hearts goblets, white napkin and pink ice as a scatter for the table. The centerpeice is a pink vase, that I added blingy black ribbon to. Inside are white, red, two shades of pink roses, along with black feathers for a fun touch. Also red and pink glittered heart picks.
The closer view of plates , along with crocked
The centerpeice:
On the formal table I put a white tablecloth, black placemats and pink glittered chargers. The other set of black plates , and this time soft pink plates, and various hearts. On the white heart I put stickers that say" Love you more" . There's a special reason for this, everynight before Hubbs & I go to sleep one of us says I love you and the other one says Love you More".
I added black champayne flutes and crystal water goblets. I layered black and pink napkins and added silver bling napkin rings and scattered pink ice over the table. The centerpeice is in a large pink bowl, with white hydragenas, pink roses, feather picks and glittered heart picks for a soft romantic feel.
The centerpeice:

So ladies , what are you doing for Valentine's Day? Planning a night of romance? A date night to see a movie and have dinner?? Whatever it is , show a little extra love on Valentines, after all they deserve it....