Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Stories of A to Z: About Me and Features

The Stories of A to Z: About Me and Features

My First Leap into blog-dom....

Hello, my name is Cat, and after looking around at some decorating blogs , I have decided to jump into the land of blog-dom. I have really enjoyed reading the blogs in some of my favorite hobbies, scrapbooking and decorating on a budget. I guess I should give you a little more info about me, but not sure how far back to go, so I will start with a few basic facts. I am a newly married woman! All of 2 months as of tomorrow actually, giggles..... my honey and I actually lived together for 5 years before He decided to make it legal.
Our kids are grown, and between us we have 6, my four and his 2. Together we have 10 grandkids, yes I know quite a lot. But we adore them ....what can I say???

Now, I have started the process of Halloween-inzing ( yes new word ) my house. One fact you might need to know about me, I love holidays...ALL HOLIDAYS!!! And I decorate for all of them....I know ..I know what your saying why on earth would I decorate with NO kids in the house???? Well according to my husband cause I am weird ( he knew this already) ....but the real reason is simple I love too and have done it every since my oldest son was born ( 34 years ago) ...I know I here the gasps, an older woman gone dim witted....but no I really love doing it and enjoy my house looking different all the time.
Back to my decorating, I have completed the inside only and plan on doing the outside too, actually a graveyard. I am looking forward to get it all up .
Here are some of the pictures:
                                                      My fireplace
                                                                 My Entry
                                                      My Stacked Pumpkin Stain
                                                  My Witch Chair.... Covers ...too cute huh???
                                                    My Dinning Room
                                                  Witch Shoes .....could not resist them ....
                                               Table for 2 in Kitchen
                                     Trixie, Dixie And Peach The witches and their broom
                                                    Kitchen bar counter

Well that;s my first post..