Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hubbs Birthday Wreath

I spent the day crafting today...YES!!!!!....and made Hubbs Birthday Wreath...that I saw on, although I tweaked it a little, I added curling ribbon and a sign to it.
I showed it to Hubbs tonight after dinner and he said " It was neat" I guess that is a good thing... I also made some art for picture frames that are going on the mantle decor when I decorate it for his birthday, tommorrow. I will post those pictures tomorrow....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well It's January, it's been cold here , although we didn't get any snow, the scarfs and mittens and warm coats have been seen on the streets here. This month has kind of been a get organized and redo things kind of month. My to do list is getting lower , I have finally gotten to the guest bedroom and gotten it all done and straighted out and decorated. The other " working room , as hubbs calls it " is being decluttered, and the container and shelf is full of Valentine and St. Patricks Day crafts that I have planned to make. My get rid of junk stuff has been photographer for craigslist , so I can post them. Next week is Hubbs birthday, so been getting the birthday stuff together to decorate for him. Everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday no matter how old, of course he thinks I have declared crazy because of my decorating for everything but that's ok, it'll be our little secret. So don't tell ....ok...LOL.... So I will post photos of my mantle and table when I get them done. I am have been crusing around the blogs and have been both inspired and impressed with all the creativity , from very talented and crafty women. I adore getting ideas and inspiration for you all. Thanks !!! It's nice to know I am not alone......Well until next time ....ladies ...stay warm.....