Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Kilt Inspired Mantle

Not many people celebrate St. Patrick's , it kind of gets lost in between Valentine's and Easter. I always found it to be loaded with fun, from wearing green so you won't get pinched, to parades, leprechaun gold hunts, to eating corn beef and cabbage . Of course I am one of those that does! I really wanted something different this year. So as with all my holiday decor, it all starts with a plan. The mantle was inspired by a Kilt which was draped over my big wrought iron piece. Two tall candle sticks banks the side , while a charger flanks the other side. I added a coat of arms to complete the look. My garland which is emerald green mesh, has black and white ribbon entwined through out along with gold flex tubing. Shamrocks in two colors, horseshoes are placed throughout and gold coins which fall into pots of gold at the end of the garland. A Irish saying done in vinyl completes the look. All the decorations were hand made.

Close up of garland:

Stay tuned for more, oh yeah I am not done!