Thursday, December 30, 2010

Other New years decor

 LOVE my clock fitting....

 party hats, blowers, beads, silver and gold
 my New Years cute!!!!
 And the clock is to die for..........and whi can resit Baby New Years.....
I had forgotten to post these yesterday.....sorry...but the enrty way is decorated for new years as well......and wanted to show you the ornaments I have cute...cute ...cute!!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Mantle

Well, I hope everyone had a fantasic Christmas, spent with family and loved ones. As for Hubbs and I , we did. We did our annual Christmas Run, to play Santa for our Grandkids. So we loaded up the car trunk and back seat full off presents and headed off...1st stop New Orleans , my daughter C lives there with her 5 kids. We dropped off, stayed the night and got up the next morning, headed to Stop 2 Dallas, Texas. Hubbs daughter M, and our grandson are there, dropped off , spend the night. Next morning headed to Stop 3,
Brenham , Texas , where my son D lives , pick him up , head to Houston for Stop3. My daughter A, lives there with her three kids, dropped off, spent night. Got up next morning spend time with Grandkids. Later on head to Hubbs Daughter A, house to see them and drop off gifts. Spend night, headed back home to stop New Orleans....spent more time with the gkids there, left drove to half way home . Spent night, next morning headed home to Flordia.... got home , stayed night. Next morning left to Savannah Georgia, checked into Hotel, walked around River Street, bought some goodies...then left for my brother's D, house in South Carolina, spent Christmas Eve with them ate dinner out. Came back to Hotel ...relaxed all day Christmas, watching movies in Bed..with hubby and my son. opened presents. Later in the afternoon went to brothers house for Xmas dinner, later that night went to my Dad's ( 82 ). To drop off presents and spend time with him. Later on drove back to Savannah and slept, got up next morning and came home. Been a excellent time....but did mange to take down all Christmas stuff and decorate for New Years...
 My mantle for 2011
 Closer look .....done in silver and gold and for punch a black plate with rhinestine numbers
 left side
 right side
 center and dolls below dressed up for the hoilday
I am  looking forward to the coming year with hope and encourage all who make resolutions that only end in failure or never getting around to them, to instead make I intend on learning a new craft , I want to learn how to use photoshop ....Well wishing all love, peace and lots of fun intentions for the coming year...Happy NEW Year!!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Front Porch Decor

I feel in  love with the popular ornament wreath everyone is making, so I did one too! Mine is with chocolate, gold, cream. Then carried it around the door, with greenry, ribbon, and lights, ornaments. Then I made two wreath for next to my garage lights, and added my present wrapped in gold  and browns sparkle paper .....and whaaaa laaaa .. my front porch is done.....

My Front Door

Had to do the ornament wreath this year, but decided to do browns, golds, got all my ornaments on sale , and make three wreaths and a swag, out of all those. Love them ....then added some greenry, ribbon and lights, and my presents are wrapped boxes, and two wreaths with green

My Christmas Tree

and lighted up

chocolate beads

red & gold reindeer

Santa face ( so cute)

chocolate reindeers

gold sparkles

Santa face ...

red & gold final

chocolate & gold

chocolate swirl

chocolate final
red magnolia

cream & gold magnolia
I have finally got the tree up, my youngest son usually comes home every year and puts it together for me, but this year since we moved to Flordia and he is still in Texas, Hubbs put it up for me. Now the difficult part was since moving to this huse, which is so different than the one last year, I had to combine two different color schemes to make them work in this house. So to explain , I dd a french peacock theme last year in my formal living room, and a santa , red and white theme in family room. So this year became red, gold, chocolate brown theme. The only addition was the new fowers, red and creme magnolias , since I am in the " south". LOL ... I used all my ornaments from last year, add a red bow for the top and WhaaaLaaa....


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mantle decor for 2010

I was trying to get my mantle done so I can join the Holiday Home Linky Party. So here's my mantle for this year.
I startred with greenry that I had , wound two of the lenghts together so its nice and thick, and fluffed then added my lights, that I had also. Then came new red shiny poinsettas, along with a brown and gold ones that I had from last year. Then added my bow for the middle, and beads ( shhh those are mardi gras beads) LOL.... added ormanents from walmart $1.00 ,( Total $6.00.) Also some from pottery barn that I got 3 years ago for 25cents.
Then added chocolate brown stocking and intals for my Hubbs and me. Two gold dears for TJMaxx. Over the mantel is Santa and his favorite team, framed in a $2.00 frame, and ornaments hung on red and gold ribbon. Below is a snow scene , feather trees I got a yard sale for $4.00, added ormanets as tree toppers, and Santa also a yard sale $4.00. sitting a wrought iron bench , (Ross $ 9.00), add some fake blanket snow , last years 75% sale at Garden Ridge.$1.00....and a pillow I got as a gift. And so there it is all pretty and beautiful for ths year.
Now I have 999 other things to do before I get the rest done. Thanks for looking!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall at My house

my fall fireplace


leaves and new twigs...

flower arrangement

front door( redone lamp post)

wreath on front door

outside my front door  , same pumpkins from Halloween

turkey plates for Ross

redone pumpkins

pilgrims, corn & pinecones

indians, corn

candle holders, fall word, and salt shakers

closer of mantle.....

I decorated my house for fall and Thanksgiving both, we won't be here as Hubbs is blessing me with a trip . But I love the fall and the colors , although it doesn't get fal--lish here in Flordia, the weather has cooled. Most of the things I had already but did buy new leaves and some twigs and flowers, costing all under 20.00 . Which is GREAT!!! I love a good deal....Anyway I love changing the look of the house most of the year. So here's the pictures of the fall changes