Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas (Porch)

My house from the outside is all dressed up and festive this year in red and white. I made a huge garland and wreath for my door, with matching swags for my lights. There is snow on my trees, along with presents, waiting to greet you as you step up on my porch. It says Welcome , It's Christmas at our house!
The wreath:
Closer of the garland:
Porch trees:

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  1. I really this is so beautiful..Im going to do my best for doing it on my apt. entry door..we have a contest every year in our apt. complex..don't you think I'd win..just getting it done...Im going to have it copied and try it for sure. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Its all very pretty but I especially love the swags! Happy Holidays

  3. It's all very pretty but I especially love the swags!!

  4. How do you attach swag to siding without leaving holes in it

    1. Maryann , at this house I used the heavy duty command hooks ( each hold 7pds) using 5 of them. But in my new house I have a garland holder ( long metal bar with hooks for garland) . Thanks for commenting.