Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tin Foil Beauty

A while back I bought a craigslist black buffet, the paint job they did on it was in sad shape. I decided to strip it down to redo it. After seven layers of paint, including polka dots, stripe and a flower garden scene, I had it sanded . I decided to stretch my artistic boundaries and do something totally different . I used foil and modge podge to cover my piece. The details on this piece made it a challenge. But after three days , it looked like the tin man from Wizard Of Oz! So the next step was to take black antiquing creme and rub into all the creases , transforming it into a goth looking finish. Adding some white as well finshed it before sealing it. I added new hardware and ta-da....finished! 

tin foil beauty


side view

Hope you enjoyed this post, and inspires you to think outside the box! Until next time !

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