Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

With Father's Day being tomorrow , and you spent time with your father & families; take time to show them you care & love them. It not always about the gifts. Sometimes the best gift is the time spent with them, or a cherished photo , a shared hobby or movie. This is my father who is 84, and am so blessed to have this photo and time with him.  Love you Daddy! 

While some of us might not have our Father's anymore , remember the memories of the times you had together. Share those with other family members, bring that memory to life. For the women who have raised their children alone , you are saluted this day. Here's to being both parents,  you are amazing and strong . And to the Dad's who raised their kids alone as well, I commend you as well, not all men have it in then to do so. Here's wishing all you A Happy Father's Day! 

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