Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mad Hatter meets Santa's Elfs

Hello all! Merry Christmas!
 I hope by now all of you got your lights & decorations up. Presents are bought , or at least all most all are. It's only 6 days away! 
It's the busy season for me as well. I have 11 grand kids to buy for this year! Whoa.... Nelly..!!!.. that was a whole bunch of presents to buy!!!! Me and UPS are gonna have to get married , in order for me to save on shipping ! Any who... this year Christmas theme is a bit interesting. I went totally non-traditional!! 
I call it the Mad Hatter meets Santa's elves. Starting with the over all look:

Kind of speaks for itself , huh??  Red and white candy canes. elf's, black and white diamond pattern, silver accents, red garland put on black and white garland for the base of mantle. Large ornaments as accent pieces over the mantle. The white Christmas tree, is put inside an urn. Black glamour rope and red beaded garland, elf's, candy canes, black and white diamond boxes and ornaments, silver, black and red ornaments, a large bow and candy cane picks for the tree topper. The elf on the table is helping load the sleigh...matching presents in front of fireplace to co ordinate the total look. So lets take a closer look:
                                                             Elf loading sleigh:

                                                             side of tree:
                                                               Tree Top:

                                                           Other side:

I will be back to share the table scapes. Hope you enjoy!

Until then:


  1. So magical....I love this, Cat! A traditional look has never been my style, so this really appeals to me. You are one talented lady!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Why am I just finding this blog???? I love this!!! I am always looking for a fun & funky twist on holiday decor, and i think i may have found it!!! Love it!!
    ~Stevie Jo