Friday, August 3, 2012

Sherbert Summer

 Hello All!!! Sorry I haven't been on to post anything fun, kind of been in a slump.
I recently went to New Orleans to see some of grand kids and be a tourist.. Had a blast.
The summer has been so hot and humid, and that always makes me what ice cream . And what better refreshing treat for these kind of days , but sherbet. I love the colors of lime, orange, yellow and raspberry.
I decided to freshen up my decor with those colors. I made this large arrangement for my living room:

And this one for my table in the kitchen :

Seen with my table scape here:

This table is set with a raspberry tablecloth, lime green place mats and napkins. Raspberry glittered chargers ,  with yellow dinner plates and flatware, lime green salad plates and orange bowls and glassware, complete my sherbet table.

Closer of the dishes:

This one is for my coffee table:

And this fun table scape complete with a gnome door:

And lastly my fun mantle :

Well I hope all you have enjoy my summer fun decor. Time to enjoy the last few days of it, as school is starting soon.  I will be back soon to share my newest idea for my front door...

Until then .........ENJOY!

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  1. I love those bright, bold colors. Everything turned out so pretty.