Monday, April 2, 2012

Peter Rabbit Inspired Mantle

Hello all, it's getting closer to Easter, and I still have a lot to post. I always have a theme for each holiday. Whether it be a idea from something I have seen or read, or have bought. This is the plate that inspired my mantle and theme this year.
So with this in mind , I designed my mantle. I started with a white pickett fence,then added my brown bunny (my version of Peter Rabbit), then put on one side a set of kids toy shovel and rake. These were covered and painted to make them look more realistic. Then a crate full of handmade vegies, carrots, cabbage and radishes. On the other side a watering can, another crate with seed packs, handtools, garden gloves, and more veggies. Then some greenery to add more interest, and the McGregor Farm Sign.
Now a closer look : The rake and shovel
The crate on left:
The other side:

Now the coffe table in my living room has a cute little Peter and a wheel barrow.:

And the side table:
The fence and all vegies were handmade.I'll be back on Wednesday to show you some more and last of this years Easter Decor.

Until then:


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