Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Basket Door Decor

Easter's on the way, along with Spring and gorgeous weather. So are ya ready? Have you been putting all your eggs in one basket? I have..yep... along with candy, chocolate bunnys, jelly beans and suckers. Let me show ya..
It started with mesh in white and lime green, and a light turquoise mesh ribbon as my base. Then I added my suckers, peeps, chocolate bunnies, rolled candy, eggs and jelly beans,and to catch all the candy, I put two baskets at the end. My Easter wreath which is also made with mesh has a bunny and some egss also.
Here are the closer pictures of my fun decor, all were hand made except the jelly beans.

my peeps:


Rolled Candy:

Chocolate Bunnies:

A larger one :

eggs and jellybeans:

This is closer view of my wreath:

This is what you see walking up to my door:

Hope you enjoy my decor and you are enjoying this early spring weather... as for me I am planting flowers. I will be back in a couple of days to share my mantle and other decor with you...Until then


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  1. It looks so good. I love your bunny planters and the rolled candy. Very festive.

  2. wow i love them they look amazing! i would love it if you could follow back! xx