Monday, February 20, 2012

A Mardi Gras Spectacular Celebration

It's Mardi Gras Time at my house, so let the fun begin! Crank up the music, grab your boas and masks and let the celebrations begin! The mantle is decorated in a festive garland, with a tri-colored mesh, green glittered ribbon, gold flex tubing, and some sprakle tri colored ribbon. It sports masks, ornaments, fleu-de-lis, glitter sticks, and a cute little banner. On top is my collection of dolls dressed in the finery for Mardi Gras! The wreath you saw in an earlier post. She completes the look!
The Dolls:
And the others:
Closer of garland:

No celebration could be complete without a table setting for my love and me. A gold tablecloth on bottom, satin green placemats, gold chargers and flatware, purple napkins with handmade fleur-de-lis napkin rings that sit on top of antique purple glass plates. For the centerpiece I designed a wig head as a reveler. She is all ready for the masquerade ball. She is sitting in a crown, with ornaments and beads. Beads also liter the table,along with doublooms. We are ready for some gumbo,red beans and rice,étouffée, collards, crawfish! Drinks are Hurricanes! What else? And for dessert?? KING CAKE!
Closer of place setting:
Closer of my reveler:

The entry table is set with another reveler pirate, she sits on green netting next to a subway art , masks and more beads.

Now of course the party starts at my door. The garland is green mesh, and a tri-colored ribbon. The decorations consist of masks, picks, ornaments, fleur-de-lis and of course beads!!!
The wreath mask is one you have seen in the previos post. She completes the doorway rather nicely! On the wall is some glitter faces and a latern that reminds me of those on Burbon Street. It has mesh garland, both tri-colored and purple. Masks, ornaments, feathers, complete the latern, which sits on a gold cloth... welcome to Mardi Gras it says!!!!

Laisser les bons temps rouler!
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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! That mask above the mantel is amazing!