Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring is in bloom ..................

 My mantle has a lovely picture of flowers, green flowers balls, a vase with bright green grass, a beautiful birdcage with two pretty pink birds and their nest, and a garland with pink butterflies.
 Pretty pink and cream and green flowers, with pink placemats, and candleholders.
 My entry table , flower balls, two small jars with green rocks and wine corks, and a lovely saying in a glass frame and my hat I wore one easter.
End table with flowered heart, vase with green ribbon, pink candle holder with
 green grass and a tassle for the lamp
Table for two, done in spring green

                                              My spring china plates and bowls
                                               beautiful pink pillow for a pop of color
                                         Closer view of my spring the butterfly.
                                      And below is the saying in the frame on the entry table,
                                                  being a grandparent is such a joy
Sorry I have not posted my other spring decor, but my son came to visit for a week and we have been spending time together. D is the Baby, and lives and works in Texas. So today he left to go back, and as I am catching up on laundry and house cleaning, I figured I would put up these pictures.  Enjoy!!!