Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year Intentions

Ok after finishing up all packing up the hoilday decor for Christmas and New Years, I finally got the house back in order. My intetions is to for this month is to clean out my closet and reorganize that. My scrapbook/ craft room is in need of some of that too. I have already re done my guest room but forgot to take before pictures, uhhhh what was I thinking??? Anyway I will post the after pictures .....I still have to pack up the hoilday pictures...yes I change them out during most hoildays, and pillows too. Crazy??? Just a tenny tiny bit, but I love to change the house up. I enjoy finding interesting things for the hoildays, any web sites you know please let me the new wreath is up on the front door , peacock feathers, will post for crafting projects planning Valentines ones now..... what intentions do you have for the month of January????

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