Sunday, November 9, 2014

Late Halloween 2014

I apologize for the extremely late post , but my décor business has had me busy. So better late than never. As always I do a witch theme, from outside to my table scape. So here are my pictures:

Closer of Centerpiece

Close up of plates

And now onto the outside:

My Door

Closer of wreath

Mr. S. Bones

My first trick or treater. In the back my Project Teal Pumpkin

Cauldron and witches

Cauldron and light up Hats


Witch Circle

 Now I never post me so this is me for Halloween:

Please if you have any questions about my décor, please email me. Now I will have Thanksgiving u in a few days. Until next time.  


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  1. Wow your table look so super awesome :D perfect for Halloween party! ^^

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