Monday, March 17, 2014

Ireland of Auld

Top of the Mornin' to Ye!!! It's the time for the Wearin' of the Green!
My St Patrick's Day decor is simple , due to my being sick this year.
 I want to do something different this year , yet historically accurate.
I started with my mantle, and placed a photo of Blarney Castle , where part of the famous blarney stone is encased in the upper floor of this castle. It was built nearly 600 years ago . The I added a targe ( shield), and Shamrocks . On the other side is  kilt, and Sgain Dubh's ( small knives ), a glitter shamrock and a photo of a warrior.

Sgain Dubh's


Celtic Warrior
My table is set for the day as well. I started with a white table cloth , laid a tartan over the it, set at an angle .Added my centerpiece that has the colors of Ireland in it. Orange & green flowers  with shamrocks that are plain and glittered along with white heather. It is set on a riser so that the Celtic cross can lean against it. Next to that is two gold candle holders with light green candles. The chargers are gold,  beautiful green plates and bowls sit on top. The flatware and crystal glass ware are trimmed in gold as well . Multicolored green napkins fan out along side . I set a plant of shamrocks in front of each plate , along with glittered shamrocks and gold coins , and strewn over table to complete my look.

closer of plates

Now I am ready for my dinner tonight!!
I leave you with this:
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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