Thursday, November 21, 2013

Non-Traditional Colors for Thanksgiving

As you all know I have recently moved into a new home, and although I am not done " setting" up my house, I have to decorate. Even if I sit on milk crates, my decor is up (lol). This year I decided to challenge myself to come up with a non traditional colors.  Years ago I was helping stage some one's house and the client had a great Thanksgiving painting " Pilgrims In Snow" . I really loved that painting and have been looking for a cheaper version for years. This year I did! That is the inspiration piece for this years decor. Black and white with silver touches. Starting with that picture above my mantle, I add black leave garland from Halloween ( yes re purpose things). Below is a blessings sign painted silver. Black candle holders along with silver ones and candles frame it. I used black glitter, mercury glass, hand painted black and white  pumpkins for fall touches. A little sign in front that simply states : Love, Forgive and Be Thankful. And below  black glitter, black open weaved and mercury glass pumpkins to tie it all in.


 Until next time :

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  1. Oh! That’s really unique. It is a perfect way to make a difference on Thanksgiving. And I especially love the candles. It is really cool.