Saturday, June 30, 2012

4th of July Centerpieces

Hello There!  How are you? Is it hot enough for you???
 I want to share what I have been working on while watching all the rain from our tropical storm. I made a few centerpieces for my tables, and entry way. The first one is going on my table in the kitchen. Its a red planter that has rockets that I made out of empty paper towel holders. They are covered in vintage scrapbooking paper. Rosettes made out of the same paper, also. Two flags , and various picks with tinsel stars, beaded star ones, some glitters ball ones, and a red burst . I added a side bow made out of three different colors.

The next one is for my formal dinning room. I got this hat from For those of you that don't know about this site, you really need to go and look. They have amazing stuff ,and their customer service is theBEST! Jeannie Pence wons it and she is truly AWESOME!  So using this hat as a base I made 
the same rockets, add two flags also. Glittered stars, tinsels stars, beaded picks, another red burst, a glittered blue dry porcupine looking burst.The bow is made with sliver star ribbon,red, blue and silver  starred ribbon. 

And the best part, it lights up! 
Closer of the picks:

Closer of the bow:

Another look:

The next one is on my coffee table, it is about Besty Ross, and the first flag. I started with a flag box, added an ornament of Besty sewing the flag hanging from it. Inside is flowers and a napkin comes out the side , stars were added. Statues of Besty and Uncle Sam  sit on each side of box. Along with a book on the history of the United States flag. 

The one on the entry table is an Uncle Sam one . It starts with a lantern I got years ago as the focal point in this arrangement . It started with a metal flag box, blue hydragenna , a white rose, and red orchid, tinsels star picks, white, blue and red wired stars. The bow is made with 5 different ribbons in both sheer and solid colors. And added a flag with 13 stars . 

I hope you enjoyed looking at them . I will be back with the tablescape, and mantle decor on Monday.
Until then:


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  1. Cat, your designs are always so beautiful, ingenious and the whimsy just makes me smile - love the Uncle Sam and the use of a hat as a base with the paper towel cardboards as rockets - genius! Your sense of scale and fullness in the arrangements is right on. Can't wait to see what you come up with next - Labor Day? xx Suzy