Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Showers Door Decor

My idea for this door decor was something a little whimiscal, kind of a April Showers meets Singing In The Rain. It has umbrellas, a raincoat, boots, & hat. Raindrops that both smile & made to look like they are singing. There is a sun, a storm cloud, and puddles of water. All the fun things that you would have fun singing and playing in the rain.. It starts out with mesh in a beautiful blue and a dark grey . Then after hand cutting, painting and glittering the decorations, hung them on the mesh. The umbrella on the door is used instead of a wreath, as a fun accent.
Now for a few other close ups of the decorations:
the sign at the top:
closer of side :
and the bottom:

I hope you enjoy my little fun door. I have been house. So I will be back with those fun changes, soon.. Until then:


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