Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Birthday Decor.

I wanted to show you all my Ca..Cute table decor for my formal dining table...layer one cream table cloth, pink sparkle fabric, 3 cupcake boxes, two glass cupcake holders with faux cupcakes, spread a little ribbon curls, one hat stand with birthday hat and pink boa..and there you have onto the breakfast bar area, two white topiarys, 2 plates with birthday cakes, one cermanic cake on a yellow polka dot stand....The entry way table has a doll all dressed up fpr a party, one frame with birthday subway art, one vase with pink bulbs and ribbon curls all sat on top of pink lace. Another table has flowers, and a round fframe that has a birthday message,
antique pearls and lace gloves. I think Birthday is spread thru out the place rather well....LOL...

Happy Birthday To Me......Enjoy!!!

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