Friday, August 19, 2011

A Fairytale Wedding.....Newlyweds No Longer....

Today's post is a personal one. Nothing to do with holidays, it's a tale of a fairytale wedding... Mine! A year ago on Sunday , I got married, after being single a very long time. Of course like all good fairytales, you must have a Princess, uhemmmm, that would be me. A prince, thats Hubbs. An engagement that lasted a long time, while said princess makes up her mind. A patient Prince, that waited. Of course a ring, and a wedding. The perfect place for a fairytale wedding??? Oh!!! Of course a castle! Every little girl (OK..ok so not a little girl anymore) dreams of a castle.. so why shouldn't I ? So when planning this wedding, I looked into outside weddings, beach? nope not beachy type,? garden wedding...yes I can do that. I hired a wedding planner to find me a location, lets just say ..NO! Didn't work out. So I started looking and doing some research, and found a Castle ...ahhh perfect! Somehow it all worked out perfect... just the two of us...getting married, perfect location. Now the first time I got married I didn't wear a wedding dress, and now I wasn't really sure at my age I could pull off a wedding dress. I figured a shorter dress or suit. So the hunt was on... mmmm not so much luck. I finally went into a Wedding Speciality Store, and was looking around for a shoter dress there, when a consultant ended up convincing me that age is not a factor to having your first wedding dress. To Quote her " every woman deserves to wear one". So guess what? I got one! So a year ago I lived my little girl dream of getting married in a castle and married my Prince! So I will share some pictures of that day.

My bouquet I carried and the stairs I walked down.

Above pictures of decor in the castle. And that's me getting dressed in front of mirror.
Outside the castle and us on the stairs:

I hope you enjoy my little journey of my special memories of my fairytale wedding! We are off for the weekend, back to the place of our honeymoon.
Happy 1st Anniversary to my Knight in Shinning Amour! Love you More!


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  1. Oh my goodness! How absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations, and really enjoyed reading your fairytale wedding story!
    Wishing you many more years of happiness with your knight in shining armor!