Thursday, February 10, 2011

So what are you crafting?

I am in between hoildays so I am crafting, a new project for my house. Don't know if I have shared with you that it is decorated in a parisian theme, when not decked out with hoilday decor. I am making a subway art ( kind of ) canvas , actually a set of three. I have seen these around blogland, made with a circuit. I don't have one of those yet...hinting to Hubbs for my birthday ....HINT!!! HINT!!! ....any hoo... also have made my Grandbabies their own art canvas and got them shipped off. It's the easiest way to make wall art for the kids, not only is it cheaper frugal , its easier to change  out charaters as their tastes change. Have you seen the cost for canvus art for kids???? WOW!!!! It's crazy. I am also planning my St. Patrick's Day crafts.
So what are you all doing now that your Valentines Decor is all up?

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